Does your software hurt your business?

Business Process disfunction
  • Your business has its own process, developed and honed over years.
  • To codify the process, you cobbled together commercial software packages
    • and even had a custom database built.
  • But the solution has gaps.
    1. Some steps are still manual ones;
    2. or only the "happy path" is supported, leaving some workflows to a manual process;
  • All of this slows down your business,
    • and it denies you further incremental innovation and improvements.

  • The calculus is clear:
  • If your process is the linchpin of efficiency, then…
    1. It either saves you time and makes you money
    2. or it costs you time and money.
  • Which one is it?

  • Investing in a custom-built, modern software system might be the best way forward for your business.

  • We can help

Refresh and reinvention
  • Perhaps the software system put in place years ago is showing its age.
    • It nominally does the job, but it cannot integrate with the Cloud
    • or the devices your staff now rely on.
  • The system is like an island in an ocean of innovation and change.
    • Disconnected and isolated, it leaves your business behind.

  • Do you have a single PC loaded up
    • with the mission-critical database
    • and accessible by a remote desktop connection (which is not entirely secure or audited)?
  • You know, that one PC which sales agents must take turns using?
  • It is not as far-fetched as it sounds, believe us.

  • Replacing old technology with modern systems might be the only way forward for your business.

  • Let us help

Services and Capabilities

Software maintenance
  • Cost-effective upkeep and maintenance service
  • Off load time-consuming tasks from your core team
  • Free up staff to work on new development and revenue streams
  • Ensure mobile apps stay current & fresh with latest mobile operating systems
Full Stack
  • MSD Services works across the full-stack of modern software and systems
    • From UI to business logic to server
    • From simple to modern distributed systems
  • Our engineers can build your apps, web presence, and backend systems
Examples of projects we have completed over the years
  • Travel & Resort booking systems
  • Restaurant & event reservation systems
  • eCommerce inventory control systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Physical access control integrations
  • Home automation mobile apps
  • Fintech

Technology & Tools

  • Angular, React
  • iPhone OS application development
  • Flutter mobile, web, and on-device application development
  • Android application development
  • REST web services
  • Web applications
  • Business process apps and integration
  • Distributed, high-performance transaction systems
  • iOS, Flutter, Android
  • FreeBSD, Linux, and other flavors of UNIX
  • Swift, Dart, Cocoa/Obj-C, Java
  • Go, PHP, C, .NET C#, UNIX system tools, and more…

As more and more apps are interoperating with cloud services, having a partner who does Full Stack Development is advantageous. We can write your apps, design your web presence, and build your backend cloud services, ensuring all fit together perfectly.

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