MSD Services is the USA-based partner of Ming Fu Design Ltd. 明孚設計有限公司, the Taiwan software & engineering services company. Together we provide consulting and outsourcing to clients worldwide. We work across the full-stack of modern software and systems, and can build your apps, web presence, and backend systems.


  • Software and systems architecture and development for mobile, web, and server
  • Product design and prototyping
  • Software maintenance
  • Remote infrastructure management
  • Requirements collection, design, project management
  • System integration and custom software tools

Technology & Tools

  • iPhone OS application development
  • Android application development
  • REST web services
  • Web applications
  • Business process apps and integration
  • Distributed, high-performance transaction systems
  • iOS, Android, watchOS, tvOS
  • Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and other flavors of UNIX
  • Cocoa/Obj-C, Swift, Java, Go, PHP, C, .NET C#, UNIX system tools, and more …

As more and more apps are interoperating with cloud services, having a partner who does Full Stack Development is advantageous. We can write your apps, design your web presence, and build your backend cloud services, ensuring all fit together perfectly.

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