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MSD Services writes commercial software and offers consulting services for hire.

On this page you can read about the design and technical considerations that went into producing our iPhone app, ManManLai Chinese. It's not a sales pitch for the app, but rather one description of our engineering and problem solving process that can be provided to your business.

Specifics and general information about our consultancy are detailed below——please contact us with your questions and details. We can be reached by email, phone, and directly from the Contact page, and we are very responsive.

Our Software

ManManLai Chinese icon ManManLai Chinese is an iPhone and iPod touch app for Chinese learners of all levels. Its foundation is built on a fully-searchable Chinese-English dictionary, flexible flash card tool, and an organizational system that makes it easy to isolate and master Chinese characters and vocabulary.

When we started developing ManManLai, we set out to create a single application for both elementary and advanced Chinese language learners. We envisioned an app that would stay with a learner throughout his study. As her skills and fluency improved, the app would be able to provide more advanced vocabulary and capabilities.

We also envisioned an app built on a fully cross-referenced internal information model making it incredibly easy for a user to explore the world of Chinese, in all of its dimensions.... Read more about the development process and design considerations for our product.


Based in metropolitan Boston, MSD Services is managed by Matthew Sinclair-Day. He draws on fellow, trusted software developers and designers to assist him when needed.

Sinclair-Day has worked and lived throughout the United States. He travels regularly to the greater China region, where he worked for a period in the 1990s. He speaks and reads Chinese.

MSD Services offers extensive experience gained from architecting, designing, and building distributed, multi-tiered systems for content and video delivery and other problem domains; REST web services; payment processing systems; and iPhone and web applications.

MSD Services is available by hourly rate, per contract, or on retainer, for virtual and on-site engagements to assist in product and software development.


MSD Services operates from the premise that clear communication and feedback are the basis for establishing trust and demonstrating integrity, and for ensuring successful outcomes.

Clients receive responsive service, and rely on MSD Services to provide thoughtful analysis and reliable solutions.

Software & Process Development

MSD Services brings over a decade of experience in software and systems development to assist clients with architecture and design of small and large systems. With a background in server-side Java, distributed computing, UNIX, and iOS app development, MSD Services offers skills needed for software development in the era of Cloud Computing and mobile apps.