Terms of Service

Updated 15 Sep 2021

First things first

In the 20 years or so this site's Password Generator and tools have been online, a standard Terms of Service has not seemed necessary. The site has been offered as a public service "as is". No marketing or monetization has been attempted, and "who" you are or what passwords you generated have never been tracked, stored, observed, or even been an interest.

But many people (and bots) from around the world now visit, and times and laws have changed. It is therefore prudent to clarify a few points as they pertain to your privacy and use of the site.

No Warranty, No Liability

The Password Generator, Information on this site, and other tools are offered "as is" and in good faith with the sole hope that they can be useful and helpful. But they are also offered WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; and without even the implied warranty of FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE; and without the guarantee or implied warranty of CORRECTNESS IN THEIR OFFERING.

Information security is a complicated and ever-changing operational challenge. At its basis are a strong password and passphrase, but passwords and passphrases in themselves do not protect your Information or inoculate your systems from exploits, intrusion, and theft. Your process for managing and securing your information are key, just as they are your responsibility alone. "MSD Services" assumes no liability or responsibility in these matters.

Your use of the information and tools on this site affirms your acceptance of these terms.

Information Collected

For purposes of analytics and operational security, your use of the site is logged and analyzed. The recorded information include:

  • Date and time
  • IP address
  • Browser details
  • Requested URL

Information tracking which browsers are used allows us to plan upgrades and other changes to the technology powering this website.

The Information also allows us to track from where (country, city) requests originate, facts which simply satisfy our curiosity.

The Information is also used to identify abusive behavior or excessive use of the tools on this site.

If you send a message using the Contact form, the information submitted in the message is retained and stored. In some cases, we might use the information to respond to your message. If the information is deemed to be, broadly speaking, "abusive", we might use the information to file a complaint with relevant authorities or with relevant service providers with which you used to access this site.

Information Not Collected

To be sure and for avoidance of all doubt, the following information is not collected, logged, observed, correlated with your IP address, or otherwise tracked:

  • Passwords and Passphrases generated by the Passwords tool
  • Configurations of the Passwords tool

— end terms —